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Science Atlantic
Registered As: Science Atlantic/Science Atlantique
BN:  118796127RR0001
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Mission Statement

The mission of Science Atlantic is to advance post-secondary science education and research in Atlantic Canada by:
• providing opportunities that foster and enrich students
• supporting and inspiring researchers and educators, and
• using our collective voice to address important regional science issues


Science Atlantic (formerly APICS) is a charitable organization representing 17 post-secondary and research institutes in Atlantic Canada. We have been providing networking and conference opportunities for undergraduate science students and faculty in the Atlantic region since 1962. Activities include annual conferences in nine disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, lecture tours by notable scientists, awards recognizing research and science communication skills, travel assistance for students to attend conferences, and workshops for faculty.


LSC Room 1376, Dalhousie
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS

Contact Information

Contact Name:Lois Whitehead

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