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Grassroots Assistance in Rural Development Association
Registered As: Grassroots Assistance in Rural Development
BN:  855373924RR0001
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Mission Statement

Objectives of GARD:

1.To improve the quality of life for people in rural villages around the world by designing and building large scale water catchments.

2.To provide educational workshops on health, water and sanitation.

3.To implement household treatment systems such as biosand filters, to obtain potable water in rural villages.


GARD is a grassroots non-government organization dedicated to assisting others in developing countries through clean water and education programs. We believe these programs are best carried out in a joint effort between us and the people, and therefore community involvement is the foundation for its success.

This involvement provides people with project ownership, skills training and a broader knowledge base; the ingredients for a sustainable project. It also provides the opportunity for our volunteers to interact with people on a personal level and to develop a better understanding of the needs and values of the area.


P.O. Box 2517
Abbotsford, BC

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