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Pacific AIDS Network Society
Registered As: Pacific AIDS Network Society
BN:  880900501RR0001
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Mission Statement

The Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) is a provincial network of more than 50 community-based organizations that are HIV/AIDS mission stated or run programs devoted to addressing the care, treatment, support or prevention-education needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs), persons co-infected with HCV and/or those “at risk”.
With a large geographically dispersed province like British Columbia, and a province with unique challenges that often vary from region to region, the need to bring people together to discuss challenges and successes is critical. PAN provides PHAs and service providers with the opportunity to explore best and promising practices, ensuring that those living with HIV, co-infected with HCV, or at risk for HIV/HCV infection, receive the best care, treatment, support and prevention/educational information possible.


PAN acts as a voice for the community-based response to the HIV/AIDS and HCV co-infection epidemics. PAN provides face-to-face networking opportunities, opportunities for mutual support; education and skills development; promotes community-based research (CBR); and undertakes collective action to influence public perceptions and policies affecting PHAs and persons co-infected with HCV.

PAN also works in partnership with the Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) to deliver leadership development training to PHAs in BC through the Positive Leadership Development Institute. This is a peer-driven and delivered professional development opportunity dedicated to assisting PHAs in realizing their individual leadership potential so they might realize positive transformation in their own lives and in the broader community.


PO BOX 3102

Contact Information

Contact Name:Sarah Evans

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