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Wellspring Edmonton
Registered As: Wellspring Edmonton
BN:  845692409RR0001
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Mission Statement

Wellspring Edmonton is the leading provider of innovative educational and support programing at no cost for all persons impacted by cancer in Northern Alberta.

Help create a future where no one will have to face cancer alone!


With your help, all our friends and loved ones will have the support they need to face the life-changing effects of cancer. Wellspring Edmonton is that support, the lifeline people need to overcome the emotional, physical and practical challenges of cancer and find a new sense of well-being. Wellspring will complement medical treatment and healthcare services by filling crucial gaps in cancer care.

Wellspring Edmonton:
• will be a place of healing for cancer patients, their families and caregivers.
• will enhance medical treatment by focusing on the needs of the person, their family and caregivers.
• will be a nurturing environment and safe haven for patients and families wishing to talk to others who have been through treatment, to share experiences and coping strategies.
• will follow the Wellspring model – first founded in Toronto in 1992, there are now seven other independent Wellspring Centres in Canada, all sharing their well-researched programs and “best practices”.


P O Box 68061

Contact Information

Contact Name:Donna Gannon

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