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Friends of MUN Botanical Garden Inc
Registered As: The Friends of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Botanical Garden Inc.
BN:  118933126RR0001
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Mission Statement

FOG's purposes, as stated in its Articles of Incorporation, are:

To actively and tangibly support the mission, goals and objectives of Memorial Unoversity of Newfoundland Botanical Garden Inc.(The Garden)

To provide a mechanism for continuous, experienced based learning for individuals from all walks of life with an interest in the botanical, horticultural and eco-system aspects of their natural environment.

To help preserve, interpret and manage the natural reserve areas of The Garden.

To further community awareness of, involvement in, and respect for, the natural environment as represented by The Garden.

In support of its goals, a priority project for FOG in 2013 is raising funds required to restore the Squires Carriage House - a provincially registered heritage building. Additional information can be found under Funds tab above.


Members of the Friends of the Garden (FOG) are individuals and families who support the botanical, horticultural and environmental objectives of the no-for-profit registered Canadian charity called Memorial University Botanical Garden Inc.

With a membership of almost 500, some Friends volunteer their time and expertise in such activities as trail patrol, carpentry, maintaining the Wildlife Garden, growing plants for the popular plant sales, as well as a sponsoring special events.

Volunteers have assisted the Botanical Garden since its inception in 1971. The Friends offically formed in 1976 and became a charitable organization in 1977.


c/o MUN Botanical Garden

Contact Information

Contact Name:Bodil Larsen, Treasurer

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