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Ray of Hope Inc.
Registered As: RAY OF HOPE INC.
BN:  129795332RR0001
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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ with those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, or troubled.

People Investing in People
Inspiring Hope
Transforming Life


We began in 1967 with the vision of offering hope and support to men serving prison sentences. They called their program “Ray of Hope”. Today the ministry has multiplied many times over, but the passion and vision remain the same. We bring a Ray of Hope to a community of men & women, young and old, who are in conflict with the law, struggling with addictions & employment issues, and experiencing poverty & homelessness.

We operate through four key ministries:

•Youth Justice Services
•Youth Employment Services
•Youth Addiction Services
•Community Support Services

Both our partnerships with community organizations and the financial gifts of our donors allow us to provide life-transforming social services to people, helping them redirect their life journey and realize the potential God intended for them.


230-659 King St. E

Contact Information

Contact Name:Debra Cruickshank

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