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Mission Statement

OIM Mission Statement
Ottawa Innercity Ministries is an interdenominational Christian charitable organization serving the poor and homeless in downtown Ottawa.

OIM Vision Statement
Ottawa Innercity Ministries seeks to faithfully embody Gods love by empowering people who are disadvantaged and homeless to meet their needs and to address and prevent the causes of poverty and homelessness with justice and compassion .

Core Values
Evangelism: We will express the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through both words and through our actions without placing one above another.

Identification: As we express our faith through love our goal is that people will be able to identify with Jesus.

Relationships: We will demonstrate God's reconciliation through Jesus Christ in our relationships with one another.

Spiritual Struggles: We will share one another's burden by the power of the Holy Spirit

Justice & Mercy: We will promote mercy and justice … for mercy without justice is weakness.

Community: May OIM be a healthy model of God's kingdom

God’s Guidance: We will follow His example.


OIM is not a social service agency, rather we are an interdenominational Christian ministry called to serve among the poor and less-fortunate people of downtown Ottawa. As such, Jesus is the One who calls us, His words and example are what motivative us, and the Holy Spirit is the One who empowers us. From the first days of the early Church until now, a continuous stream of faithful followers has responded to the Lord's call to live a simple Christian lifestyle and help those in need around them.


300-384 Bank St
Ottawa, ON

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Contact Name:OIM

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