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Fairytales Presentation Society is a not-for-profit, charitable organization focusing on showcasing local, national and international queer artists from all artistic mediums including, but not limited to, film. Our artistic endeavors strive to provide a respectful venue for members of all communities to celebrate queer culture. While the term queer historically refers to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit and questioning (LGBTTQ), Fairytales understands queer much more broadly to also include individuals who subscribe to culturally, politically, artistically, and otherwise alternative and innovative ways of contributing to society. We see queer as a vista: a way of looking at the world differently with an eye towards diversity and inclusion.

Fairytales is best known for the annual Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival, entering its 15th year in 2013. The festival provides a critical venue for filmmakers, audiences and stakeholders to connect and grow. Fairytales sustains its momentum throughout the year with film screenings and participation in high profile community events. Fairytales also co-produces the annual Q the Arts Cultural Festival (inaugurated in 2011), increasing public exposure and access to queer culture in the arts, including live
performance, spoken word, dance and a visual arts exhibition.

Fairytales outreach activities include OUTReels and the Youth Queer Media Program (YQMP). OUTReels provides diversity education in the Calgary area by utilizing filmmaking as learning vehicles. The Youth Queer Media Program mentors youth in making a short film addressing issues facing Queer Youth today. YQMP opens as a gala event each year during the Fairy Tales Queer Film Fest.


Our objectives stem from our vision and mandate, as guided by membership and community needs. Fairy Tales provides key resources to develop the queer voice in our region, and in connecting audiences with different media arts practices from experimental to main stream genres. By ensuring our festival represents current artistic practices, issues and contexts, we contribute to the professional development of the Canadian queer voice and media arts literacy for our audiences.

Fairy Tales also facilitates dialogue and learning in our community through our outreach initiative. We are a small charity with a core of two staff, four festival contractors and over 65 volunteers year-round. Our vision is guided by our volunteer governance board and committees.


202-351 11TH AVENUE SW

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Contact Name:Kari McQueen

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