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Registered As: Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue and Adoption Inc.
BN:  851598417RR0001
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We are a small group of volunteers who simply love cats. Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue is dedicated to rescuing cats, kittens and nursing moms that are scheduled to die in high kill Animal Control Shelters. Hundreds or more healthy and friendly cats die every year all because they have no where else to go and we are often their last hope. Municipal pounds and Animal Control Centres keep cats 3 - 7 business days and if not claimed by their owners within that time period they become property of the Animal Control Centre and can be legally destroyed or sold for research. It is less expensive for the municipality to euthanize than try to keep them alive before they find their forever home, and it is often a lack of space that determines their fate, and most never get a second chance.


Once they are in our care the cats are seen by our vet, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for internal & external parasites and microchipped. Some cats that have come into our care have needed dental surgery, bladder stone removal etc. We will do necessary bloodwork or tests if they are recommended by our vet.

Once the cats get the OK, they are put up for adoption on our website or our in store adoption centers. We require a completed adoption application that must be approved prior to meeting with the cats. We charge a nominal adoption fee to help offset our vet costs.

We are challenged with the every day costs of caring for the many cats in our care. The cost of food and litter alone is overwhelming. Add the price of veterinary care and we are always finding ourselves in debt. We rely solely on donations from the public, fundraising and our adoption fees, which covers only a portion of our costs. Most of the time the money is coming from our own pockets.


P.O.Box 32203 Harding Postal
250 Harding Blvd W
Richmond Hill, ON

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Contact Name:Laura or Debbie

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