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REEP Green Solutions
Registered As: Waterloo Region Green Solutions
BN:  815852348RR0001
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Mission Statement

REEP Green Solutions is an environmental non-profit charitable organization empowering our community towards healthier homes and sustainable living. Through innovative programs and services, public education, collaborative research and community partnerships, we provide the tools and knowledge people need to take positive environmental action.


REEP Green Solutions provides the citizens of Waterloo Region with tools for sustainable resource use, energy conservation and efficiency, and renewable energy applications.

Services and programs include:

ecoENERGY Evaluations: In-depth evaluation of building envelope, ventilation and heating/cooling systems.

Home Assistance Program: Helping eligible homeowners and tenants improve the energy efficiency of their homes free of charge.

RAIN Home Visit: Free one-on-one advice from a certified RAIN guide about water issues on your property.

ClimateActionWR: Together developing a community climate action plan in Waterloo Region.

RAIN: An ecological approach to stormwater management.

REEP House for Sustainable Living: Our eco home and education centre at 20 Mill Street, Kitchener.

REEP Green Solutions is funded by a combination of local partners, provincial contracts, grants and client fees.


222 Frederick St.
Kitchener, ON

Contact Information

Contact Name:Evonne Donaher

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