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Registered As: ArtsSmarts / GénieArts
BN:  804213551RR0001
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ArtsSmarts supports, promotes, and demonstrates the impact of the arts as a way of engaging students in 21st century life and learning.


ArtsSmarts is a national organization comprised of a national network of 16 ArtsSmarts lead partners who deliver arts education programs to K to 12 students. ArtsSmarts looks a little different in each classroom, and the curricular connections vary, from science to math and including literacy and art. Projects are co-generated by teachers and artists to meet students' needs and priorities, rather than a packaged curriculum lesson plan. We're seeing positive and harmonious ArtsSmarts classroom environments, with students listening and learning from each other through greater team work and inclusiveness. They learn from their involvement in their ArtsSmarts projects. They feel good about themselves. They realize that they knew more than they thought they did. These students take pride in their classroom work. The highly valued outcome is increased student engagement in learning. Our work in Canada's classrooms endures.


340 Gerrard Street East
2nd Floor
Toronto, ON

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Contact Name:Fund Development Director

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