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Kids Against Hunger Canada
Registered As: Kids Against Hunger Canada
BN:  807042015RR0001
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Mission Statement

To engage Canadians, especially youth, in helping to feed starving children in Canada and around the world.


To feed starving children and reverse the starvation process in critical and needy areas;
To effectively engage Canadian youth in doing volunteer work to produce nutritious food that will feed large numbers of starving people;
To create a viable working charitable organization effective at bringing people, funds and resources together in an effort to supply Canadian charities with the necessary supplies to eradicate hunger in critical and needy areas.
It is our vision to setup food packaging satellites in every major city and province of Canada and to spearhead community and youth volunteer packaging of Kids Against Hunger's highly nutritious meals.


PO Box 212
Selwyn, ON

Contact Information

Contact Name:Carl Nabein

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