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MSR International
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Our vision is to contribute to the creation of a new generation of responsible professionals including doctors in medicine, lawyers, journalists, as well as other professional fields. Our volunteers will have gained an intimate understanding of the key issues of the developing world since their early years at university. They will have had the opportunity to work in solid teams finding innovative solutions to sustainable development while strengthening their passion for the discipline they study. Our work has been supported by American physicians and physician-assistants from Seattle Washington, USA, in particular from Dr. Phoumy Bounkeua (PA). We have also received guidance from Dr. Claudine Maari, from Médecins Sans Frontieres. We also have the honor of being under the guidance of Paul Martin’s Office in Montreal, QC.


Missions de Solidarité Responsable International (MSR International) is a Charity Organization established in February 2009 in Montreal, QC, Canada. We establish career-building sustainable development and humanitarian missions in developing countries during the summer. MSR International has developed a unique type of internship for pre-medical and medical students allowing them to follow physicians during their daily routine and to observe surgeries. Our other missions invite teams of volunteers from various fields of study such as marketing & communications, web-design, education, international development, fine arts, to contribute to the sustainable development of local organization while they can make full use of their respective skills. MSR International places strong emphasis on knowing the culture and history of the country that the volunteers are about to visit.


104-3455, RUE REDPATH

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Contact Name:Victor Bourdeau

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