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Perhaps no one knows better than those who work in the funeral industry how difficult it can be for a family when they have lost a loved one. While it is a time to grieve and remember, many families also feel a great sense of generosity, especially to those charities close to the loved one who passed away.

In memoriam giving has a natural place in funeral homes, but the old-style availability of envelopes at the door is losing its uptake. Friends and family that desire to give are more encouraged when they are provided with convenience. CanadaHelps lets you offer giving made simple to your clients:

  1. In a few simple steps, set up a CanadaHelps GivingPage for the deceased. With direction from the family, a web page dedicated to giving to specific charities can be set up. This page can be made available at the funeral home, at the family's residence, and a link can be sent to family and friends for simple, secure online giving.
  2. If your funeral home has a website listing obituaries, you can provide a link to the charity/charities of the family's choice to donate securely through CanadaHelps. Here’s how:
    • Search for the charity on CanadaHelps
    • Click GO next to the correct charity
    • On the charity profile page, copy the link and add it to your website.

CanadaHelps offers secure online donation processing to every registered Canadian charity.