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Choosing a Charity

What moves you?

If you don’t have a cause that comes to mind for you, think of what inspires you to give back. There are many reasons that people give to charity, and you might want to think of an issue you’re concerned about, someone who inspired you or who you want to remember, or a meaningful event in your life. You may also want to consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to have an impact in your local community, on a provincial or national level, or internationally?
  • Is there a type of non-profit you’re interested in – the environment, healthcare, education, arts, social services, or religion?
  • What sort of impact or work are you interested in – for instance, if you are interested in healthcare, you may be interested in health and medical research, or direct service provision and support, or perhaps in lobbying efforts to change healthcare policy.
  • What are you particularly grateful for, and is there a way to provide that same experience or support for others?
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