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How it Works

Online fundraising through CanadaHelps is affordable, easy-to-use and secure. Here’s how the CanadaHelps online fundraising solution works for your organization.

The Donate Now! Button

Once you’ve registered with CanadaHelps, you will be able to access the Donate Now! button in your CanadaHelps MyCharity account. Simply add the Donate Now! button to your website to give your donors the option of giving online. The button will link donors directly from your website to your charity’s donation page on CanadaHelps.org.

The Donate Now! button is only available to charities that have registered with CanadaHelps.


CanadaHelps issues an electronic tax receipt to the donor immediately following the donation, so you don’t have to. Receipts are issued using CanadaHelps charitable business number.

Full Donor Records

Immediately after a donation has been processed, your charity will receive notification by email. You are immediately able to log in to your secure MyCharity account to access full donor details for each gift.

Click here to view a sample donor report.

Donation details are also offered in a downloadable, comma separated value (CSV) format for easy integration with your existing donor database/donor management program.


Once your charity is registered with CanadaHelps, you will receive donations through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly into your bank account. CanadaHelps disburses donations on a weekly basis for donations made the previous week.

Specifically, our disbursement schedule is: donations made from Sunday to Saturday are disbursed on the following Friday directly into your account.

CanadaHelps disburses the full donation amount less the fee. For more information about the fees, please visit the Cost section.

Getting Your Board on Board

We’ve put together a presentation called ‘Getting Your Board on Board – Talking to Your Board About CanadaHelps.’ This presentation is designed for you to show your board why CanadaHelps would be beneficial to your organization.

Getting Your Board on Board from CanadaHelps / MyCharityConnects