CanadaHelps is a charity that provides charities the secure online fundraising platform they need to succeed and allows donors to donate and fundraise online for any registered Canadian charity. Over 15,000 Canadian charities fundraise online using the CanadaHelps platform and nearly 1 million Canadians have donated to charities using CanadaHelps. Since its launch in 2000, CanadaHelps has maintained a spotless record for secure online donation processing and receipting, and has facilitated over $500 million in donations to Canadian charities. That’s $500 million in donations processed at non-commercial rates that are a fraction of those of the for-profit alternative solutions for charities!

Everyone wants to do good and give back. Giving typically makes you want to give more! As someone who engages visitors each day on your website or blog, there is a unique way you can give — without actually giving any money. By joining the CanadaHelps Affiliate program you can inspire your visitors to give charitably! Use our Affiliate program to put unused ad inventory to good use. Compliment a story related to charitable giving with a supporting donation banner. Celebrate a special holiday promoting a CanadaHelps Charity Gift Card. Make a difference in response to a humanitarian crisis. Or, dedicate an ongoing placement to promoting charitable giving. In addition to giving back, you’ll help build visitor affinity for your brand.

No. As a charity service for charities and donors, CanadaHelps does not have margin to share. We deduct only our low non-commercial rate before disbursing the gift to the designated charity. The vast majority of donations processed by CanadaHelps are charged just 3.5%* and that includes credit card fees. Donors are sent an instant tax receipt for 100% of their donation.

*Rates vary by type of donation and charity account type. Details Here.

We have teamed up with HasOffers (www.hasoffers.com) to provide our affiliates with access to array of charitable offers, third-party tracking, and real-time reporting. HasOffers is a leading solution for Affiliate Programs. It makes finding ads and your unique tracking codes easy. It also provides comprehensive, real-time tracking so you’ll know exactly how much charitable good you are doing promoting giving on your website or blog. You must have a HasOffers account to become an affiliate.

Registration Questions

It’s easy. Simply complete the one page sign up form at: http://canadahelps.hasoffers.com/signup. An email will be sent to our CanadaHelps Affiliate Program administrator who will review your request. Once approved you will receive an email with a link to sign in to your account and start promoting charitable giving.

There is absolutely no cost to join the program.

Most websites will qualify to participate in our Affiliate Program. However, we do reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership if we deem the website contains objectionable material, explicit language, supports violent groups, or if we suspect fraudulent behaviour.

No. We do our best to review all pending Affiliate applications within 3 business days. You will be notified as soon as we’ve completed our review.

No. Our Affiliate Program is open to all webmasters, consultants, web designers, marketing professionals, site owners, or anybody interested in promoting charitable giving.

Using Your CanadaHelps Affiliate Account

After you have completed the sign up process and have been approved into the program, you’ll be able to click on the login button and get the links to start promoting CanadaHelps on your site.

Simply login to your account at https://canadahelps.hasoffers.com and select Offers from the side navigation bar. Use the Browse/Search feature if you know the banner you want to find. Select the name of the offer you are interested in.
You will see your unique tracking link in the first section of the page. In this section, you can preview and choose landing page options (when available), customize your tracking link for example adding a source if you want tracking data to be grouped for various links, and add creative choosing from the array of associated banners.
Further down the page, you will see a section labelled Creatives. This is a great place to browse available banners. Simply click on the banner name and a preview will be displayed and you will have the ability to navigate through all available banners. In this section, you can also download all or specific banners and get the code for a specific banner.

Under the main menu, go to Offers > Browse/Search and click on the name of the offer.
The url within the “Your Tracking Link” box is your tracking url. You can choose the landing page that this link should go to by selecting the page under the “Landing Page” dropdown box
Simply use this link when you’re linking to CanadaHelps with banners or text links.


(Optional) You can customize the tracking links with additional tracking with the built in parameters.

For example:

If you would like to use two different tracking urls to measure the performance of the traffic generated by your blog and your Facebook links, you can customize the url by adding the Source parameters in the url. Your tracking url will get updated in the “Your Tracking Link” box and you can use the urls generated for tracking.


Another easy way of putting banners and tracking urls on your website is by getting the code under the Creatives section. Click on Get Code and copy/paste the code in the text box. Put the code on your website and the banner would work with the proper tracking url associated with it.


They will be linked to the CanadaHelps website where they can search and browse for any registered Canadian charity, and choose to give once or monthly, donate securities, fundraise for a charity or charities of their choice, or send a Charity Gift Card. We provide a default URL on our site and in some cases provide alternative URLs you can direct visitors who click on a specific banner to. Either way, the landing page will provide them with all the information they need. We track every visitor you refer and you can access real-time information about the number of visitors that come to our site and donate as a result of your advertising. Be sure to check your account regularly — we’re so thankful for your generous gift, promoting charitable giving and want you to feel good knowing your impact!

Yes! You can add banners you’ve created in the Creatives section of the Offers area of your CanadaHelps Affiliate Program account.

Yes! Simply login to your CanadaHelps Affiliate Account at https://canadahelps.hasoffers.com. Once logged in you will see your Dashboard. Your Dashboard provides you with a quick look at the charitable impact your ads are making showing details on the resulting number of impressions, clicks and conversions. More detailed reports are available in the Reports area accessible from the side navigation bar. Please note: you will only see results for traffic referred from links and banners to our site that contain your unique ID. Be sure you always use it alongside ads!

No problem. Simple use the Forgot Password feature located on the CanadaHelps Affiliate Program login screen (https://canadahelps.hasoffers.com).


For additional help, please contact us at partners@canadahelps.org.