Our Charity Engagement team is ready to equip you with the tools you need, so that you can supercharge your fundraising by:

  • Accepting and maximizing online donations with our popular Customizable Donation Form;
  • Selling event tickets (online and offline) and setting up split-receipting with the Events Management platform;
  • Launching your own Peer-to-Peer Social Fundraiser, while easily managing teams and participants, and rallying new supporters;
  • Registering for EFT, so that you get your funds fast;
  • Getting access to all the information you need to steward your donors

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About CanadaHelps

CanadaHelps LogoCanadaHelps is a leading Canadian non-profit and social enterprise. We provide charities open access to our affordable, online fundraising platform, and training so they can better connect with the people who support them. Trusted by Canadians for over 21 years, and the chosen online fundraising platform for over 20,000 registered Canadian charities, CanadaHelps is proud to have helped over 2 million Canadians make donations to charities they are passionate about, resulting in over $1 billion in total donations. We are PCI compliant.