Donate to hundreds of charities

Donate to hundreds of charities making a difference in Calgary

Your tax-deductible donation will go towards critical work being done by registered charities in Calgary. Plus, your donation is pooled with others to help achieve wide-reaching effects in your community.

The CanadaHelps Calgary Fund is an aggregate fund that includes hundreds of small and medium-sized charities that are working in your local community – perfect if you’re looking for a simple way to make an impact across a broad sector of charities!

Your donation will support Calgary charities in their efforts to provide essential social services, promoting local art and culture, building safer communities, cleaner parks, and much more! This could mean more resources and services for people experiencing unemployment, homelessness or poverty, awareness of health issues, protection for animals, and much more.

Donate to make Calgary an even better place to call home! Plus, get a charitable tax receipt instantly.

What People Are Saying

What people are saying

“I like donating to local charities for the excellent work they do to help our community. I can see and feel the difference they make. Feels even better to know that I get to help many charities across the city with my donation.”
Helena R.

CanadaHelps Calgary Fund

What makes up the CanadaHelps Calgary Fund

Social Services Social Services
Public Benefit Public Benefit
Indigenous Peoples Indigenous Peoples
Health Health
Animals Animals
Environment Environment
Arts and Culture Arts & Culture
Education Education
Other Other


The CanadaHelps Calgary Fund includes 252 local charities who are working to make Calgary a better place!

The Calgary Fund is an aggregate fund that includes hundreds of small and medium-sized charities, including food banks, homeless shelters, other social services, arts and culture charities, environmental organizations, children’s charities, and much more.

To ensure donations reach charities easily and efficiently, charities must be one of the 19,000 charities registered to receive funds electronically from CanadaHelps. Funds are transferred at the end of each quarter. The chart above shows the primary category associated with charities included in the fund, although many charities are associated with more than one category. We regularly update the list of charities in the CanadaHelps Calgary Fund.

To see the list of charities included in this Fund, you can view the list here.

Why Donate

Why donate to a Local fund on CanadaHelps?

The power of many
The power of many
Join with others in your community and support hundreds of local charities making a difference with a single donation!
Trusted, local, registered charities
Trusted, local, registered charities!
Your donation goes to trusted, registered charities. You get a tax receipt too, which can help reduce your taxes.
Broad impact
Broad impact
Support a wide range of causes that together make your community vibrant, safe, and a great place to live.

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