First United Church


Business Number: 118919273RR0001

First United Church is a welcoming, caring, and inclusive Christian community in the Port Credit area of Mississauga, Ontario.

We are growing in faith through:

  • Worship services, which emphasize preaching and music;
  • Christian education and reflection for people of all ages;
  • Fellowship, friendship and care, for our members and the world; and
  • Putting our faith into action, in Port Credit and beyond.

We are a church who is committed to:

  • Advocating for the betterment of a just society and world;
  • Engaging children, youth and adults in all aspects of church life;
  • Discerning how God guides us into faithful courageous and caring action;
  • Creating varied opportunities enabling people to grow and develop in their faith journey;
  • Nurturing and developing leadership in the church in keeping with needs and trends;
  • Being fiscally responsible in managing our budgets and our physical assets;
  • Ensuring that all are heard and understood respecting the rights and responsibilities of others to differ and to honour each other’s gifts;
  • Valuing the strong heritage of First United Church remembering our roots; and
  • Ensuring a safe and accessible environment for people of all abilities

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