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St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church


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St. Andrew's, Guelph -- Rejuvenate 190

Campaign Ended April 22, 2018

We have launched a three-year campaign to raise $190,000 to restore our historic and picturesque sanctuary. We started this online campaign with $140,000 already raised and in our Rejuvenate 190 Fund.

We need another $50,000 we hope will be raised with the convenience of online donations.

Details of this campaign can be found on our St. Andrew's website:

Rejuvenate 190 Campaign St. Andrew's Guelph 2016 – 2018

In 2018, St. Andrew's Guelph will be celebrating its 190th year as a community of faith in the City of Guelph. As a part of our celebrations, we have launched a three-year campaign to raise $190,000 to restore our historic and picturesque sanctuary. If we exceed our goal, we will rejoice by sharing our good fortune with the wider community in some tangible way yet to be determined… so here's to raising more than we need to accomplish our goal!

What are we raising $190,000 for?

1. Replacing our Sanctuary Roof

    This project has been completed under budget.

2. Steeple Repairs

    The plan is to begin this project in the Spring 2017.    

    UPDATE: April 22, 2018: Project nearly Finished!

3. Plaster Repairs in the Sanctuary

    Now that a new roof is in place, we have proceeded with this project.

4. Upgrading the Sound System 

    Our sound system is showing its age and requires some upgrades

    so that all can effectively hear the goings on at St. Andrew's

    through the week and on Sunday mornings.

5. Replacement of the sanctuary flooring

    The carpet has suffered from leaks, tears and wear over the years.

    It is time to replace the flooring for the sake of safety and aesthetics.

You can be a part of history in the making…

Your support of our campaign will ensure that our community will continue to have a special place to practice our faith for many years to come… Your support will bring delight to families who come to St. Andrew's to mark significant occasions in their lives whether that be weddings, baptisms, or funerals… Your support will mean that our City will have a beautiful and well cared for space to hold special events, concerts, gatherings to create memories that will last… So join us in seeking to exceed our goal of $190,000… so that we can bless others in our community with the generosity of those who have supported our campaign.

$125 raised out of $50,000 goal

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