St. Andrew's United Church, Creelman SK


Business Number: 135430882RR0001

                                        Mission Statement

Called by God, revealed in Jesus Christ, to love our neighbours we strive to become: An open and inviting community, welcoming and including everyone regardless of age or race, sect or sexual orientation, ability or disability. Especially all those who have often felt excluded or intimidated by the church.

A caring family of faith, challenging and supporting the spiritual development and ministry of children, youth and adults.

Seeking understanding on our life journey, opening ourselves to the Word and Spirit for transformations and renewal.Offering a loving service in our communities, our country and the world, working for justice, providing creative worship and faithfully proclaiming the Gospel for people living through difficult transitions.

Our Invitation: Discover what it can mean to be a Christian or rediscover your Christian roots. Explore new ways to a spirituality of wholeness and acceptance. Grow with others on the journey.

We invite your donations for all kinds of missions and services. From time to time we will have a fund-raiser to generate funds for the operation of the church. Sometimes we will be answering a special plea for disaster relief. And we are always receiving donations to our national United Church of Canada, Mission & service Fund, which supports “the wider church” comprised of many ministries, including global partnerships, education programs, United Church camps, the development of new churches, and more.

Our church locally provides a number of services which you may support by donation. Some of these services depend on the continued presence of the church in your community, and have been, until now, solely supported through regular offerings at Sunday Services and a canvas program.

These services include: Marriage (and Marriage Counseling); Baptism (Your child or grandchildren); Funeral Services and Pastoral Care. As a presence in the community our church(es) represent Christian values—yes—but, good moral values in general. In a world where these values may change as quick as a “left click” on a computer the church offers an unchanging core value based on Jesus call to everyone to “love their neighbour as themselves.”

So, this invitation to donate provides an opportunity to: those who may not be regular attendees of Sunday services; or may have no connection to the church at this time but want to support it; or for those who want to offer more support, in order to make sure the church will be there when they or their family or friends may need the church’s services.

St. Andrew’s United Church, of Prairie Points Pastoral Charge, endeavours to be involved in their community providing the above services and more, such as: College bursaries, Theological College support, Food Bank support, Spiritual and Educational support through our Sunday Services and studies. St. Andrew's UC is devoted to a witness to truth, compassion, justice and peace in our local community and the world.

Prairie Points Pastoral Charge (Fillmore & Creelman) of the United Church of Canada, thanks you for supporting this ministry and helping it to continue into the future.

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