Registered Name: INFUSION CANADA

Business Number: 834974768RR0001

Our Mission

Enhance the quality of cancer care in Canada by infusing and strengthening the talents of our communities to:

• Support Young Canadian Cancer Survivors, Patients and their Families

• Create Awareness

• Foster Educational Growth

• Provide Opportunity

• Develop Professionalism

About Our Charity

INFUSION Canada is a federally registered Canadian charity with operating chapters in London, ON, Toronto, ON and Hamilton, ON.

Our organization is made up of 100% unpaid volunteers.

INFUSION focuses on fostering innovation, leadership and growth in young Canadians supporting cancer survival. Our organization encourages the active participation of patients and survivors in the recovery process by forming support groups, creating opportunities for awareness and education, and developing life and leadership skills.

In addition to promoting cancer awareness and community involvement, INFUSION is a fundraising group. As we have in the past, we will continue this year to raise funds to help young cancer patients and survivors fulfill their dreams of a getting a post-secondary education. We have hosted a series of fundraising events since 2003, raising over $140,000.

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