Registered Name: Logifem inc.

Business Number: 838775906RR0001

Emergency funding for COVID-19

Campaign Ends Dec. 2, 2020

Logifem’s shelter is at full capacity and continues to provide 24 hour care and support despite the threat of COVID-19.

To ensure the health and safety of all our employees, residents and their children, we put rigorous hygiene measures in place. With all volunteer activity suspended and interns out of school, a kitchen helper and cleaner were hired to add capacity and provide daily disinfecting. We’ve also made modifications to our living space and the way we deliver our services while keeping in mind the importance of connection for our residents that are in a fragile period in their lives. 

During this time of uncertainty a lot has changed but the need for our services.

Please help us absorb the higher expenses we’ve had to incur to protect our vulnerable community and hardworking and dedicated staff that continue to come in everyday, putting their lives at risk for other.

2 months to go