Badge of Life Canada

Registered Name: Badge of Life Canada / Insigne de vie Canada

Business Number: 784599698RR0001

Badge of Life Canada / Insigne de vie Canada

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Badge of Life Canada / Insigne de vie Canada is a registered Canadian charity BN #784599698RR0001. We are a peer-led charitable volunteer organization committed to supporting police and corrections personnel who are dealing with psychological injuries diagnosed from service. Our website information, therapist listings, crisis resources, training, conferences, educational workshops, and progams are available to ALL First Responders across the country. As a charitable organization, we have no staff or salaries, with 100% proceeds applied directly to our Mission & Programs.

As a result of the pandemic, we have had to cancel all of our existing fundraising opportunities to comply with the requirements of the current COVID-19 restrictions. Since we rely 100% upon the "GOODWILL" of others - the loss of these fundraising events severely impacts our ability to deliver upon our Mission & Programs. We are currently revamping delivery of our training opportunities and addressing peer support requirements with a variety of First Responders who are facing the pandemic crisis with limited psychological assistance due to the impact upon available resources.

Now more than ever...charitable organizations like Badge of Life Canada will be needed even more so in the future once we have successfully turned the corner in the spread of the virus. The services we provide will be required even more at that point as many take steps to process the crisis.

Charitable donations will be utilized to keep Badge of Life Canada operating expenses going so that we are available to meet these needs that will no doubt be extremely large due to the level of the pandemic situation. By expanding how we deliver our information technology in these uncertain times will be key to letting ALL First Responders know that they have a trusted organization that they can access for such needed connections, information and programs. Facilitating on-line peer groups, delivering training and resources to both leaders and the front-line will be a continued priority as the situation unfolds.

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