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Retirement Fundraiser - Bill Bouw, D/Sgt. OPP

Badge of Life Canada

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This is a request from Bill Bouw, D/Sgt., O.P.P. regarding his upcoming retirement from policing. In lieu of a retirement event or gifts, Bill is requesting that donations be made to Badge of Life Canada, to be applied to our charitable Mission & Programs.

"I am a 31 year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police.  I started my career on February 1st, 1988 being assigned to Port Credit Detachment.

Upon hearing the news that I would be starting at Port Credit, I thought I was being sent to an active beach resort neighbourhood.  To my surprise, I quickly learned that my beach resort was not so much beach resort, but more 100’s of miles of highway and traffic.  Coming from a town of 1000 people and no stop lights it was a quick eye opener.

From Port Credit, I went to Malden Township Detachment and then back to my hometown of Dutton Detachment.  From there I was transferred to the 2 district Crime Unit.

In 1996, after a short stint in crime I was selected as a member of the Provincial Bike Squad.  This squad became known as the Provincial Special Squad in 1998, and then the Biker Enforcement Unit years later.

In 2002, I transferred to the London JFO which at the time was the longest standing JFO in Ontario.  In this unit, I worked closely with London City Police, the RCMP, the CBSA and others, all within the walls of the London City Police Department.

In 2005 I became a Detective Sergeant of the London Deployed Field Unit, Provincial Operations Intelligence Bureau where I remained for the duration of my career.

I have been lucky enough to meet many remarkable people throughout my career.  Many of whom I will never forget.  I’ve also lost many remarkable people, some to outside influences and some by their own hand.  I don’t think you can do our job without the weight of our experiences weighing heavily upon our shoulders, and for that reason I have chosen this particular charity, Badge of Life Canada. 

I don’t want to see any of my brothers and sisters suffer without help.  I don’t want to hear of another unnecessary loss.  If you could take a moment of your time, think about your friends in emergency services, think about those that are close to you, think about my policing career and the career of my brothers and sisters.  Think about those that suffer in silence feeling helpless and alone. 

Please consider donating to Badge of Life Canada. Even a small amount goes a long way. 

I am asking you to donate to this cause in lieu of what you would have spent at my retirement party.

Your charitable donation to Badge of Life Canada will be the best retirement gift and party you could ever possibly have given me. 

So with that I bid you all farewell, may our paths cross again and remember - The two most important days of our lives are the day we are born and the day we find out why."

Bill Bouw, D/Sgt. O.P.P.