Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts


Business Number: 853276749RR0001

Centre3 for Print and Media Arts is a not-for-profit, charitable artist-run centre that connects, educates, and collaborates with people on local, regional, national and international levels. We are a place for artists to create, produce and exhibit artwork; a platform for artists to engage and empower students through art education; a space for artists to collaborate with our community in a creative experience. Integrating art, education and community. Centre3 helps establish a progressive identity for our community, while enriching quality of life through art and culture.

As a not-for-profit centre we’ve established programming to help bring arts education and community arts to the greater Hamilton area.  Thanks to donor and member support, our programming is always expanding to meet the needs of the region.  We welcome you to get involved!  Become a member, take a workshop, visit our gallery, or support our fundraising programs.

Some of our current projects and initiatives include:

[Nu]Links: Art, Craft & Creative Workshops for Newcomers. These creative workshops led by artists support newcomers through creative practice and expanding their artistic connections within themselves and the arts community of Hamilton.

Sitelines: Sitelines is an ongoing three-year project providing adults with lived experience of mental health access to art-based learning opportunities and compelling artistic cultural experiences through instruction and open studios.

Project Ze: Project Ze linked two print media artists, an improvisation facilitator, and an advocate with  students from Glendale Secondary School (Hamilton Wentworth District School Board), and two youth advisor students from NuSteel (A Hamilton Wentworth District School Board Alternative Education Program) exploring the action of allyship within the LGBTQ+ community. Project Ze utilized visual and dramatic arts to create a teaching guide for teachers in the HWDSB. Using the arts as a vehicle to promote safer, more inclusive classrooms for LGBTQ+ youth and build strong alliances among teachers and students of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

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