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Mama Power

Campaign Ends June 5, 2020
Mothers, affectionately known as Mamas, who live in the boma (village) of Makyuni are struggling to feed their families on less than $2.00 per day. And this struggle is happening in the midst of adapting to the realities of climate change and shifts from a pastoral to a more sedentary life.  In the context of Covid 19, there is a real need to support the Mamas as they learn about the virus and develop practices to keep themselves and their families safe .  As well the creation of a duka (small shop) in the boma will mean they  are able to stay in the village and do not have to go to Makuyuni townsite for staples.
Your donation will support the start up of  this duka. The goal is to create a sustainable co-op store which provides staples right in the community.  Further this MamaPower project will help ensure the Mamas can teach and practice good hygiene with their families. 

MamaPower offers a unique umbrella for a range of projects and initiatives by and for the women and families living in a Maasai boma in Tanzania. It also offers a viable, realistic and appropriate role for people in Canada to share knowledge and skill, while at the same time gaining insights and knowledge about life in the boma.  The ongoing goal of MamaPower is to respond to projects the Mamas have identified. MamaPower welcomes engagement from people in Tanzania, Canada and the US. MamaPower funds raised will be used to provide start-up support for community business, education and health initiatives, with a focus on long term sustainability grown out of the pilot projects.

Ashe  (thank you in the Maa language)


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