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Hunger during COVID 19

Campaign Ends June 30, 2021

The unknown. We are all living with the unknown, in every aspect of life. Many of us are equipped to deal with uncertainty. Children living with chronic hunger are not equipped to manage much in their lives. They haven't the resources to tackle the stresses of today.

School will start and the kids we feed are heading into classrooms to try and find some normalcy in all of this. They will go with fewer resources, because food prices are climbing and their families are still working through the complexities of mental and physical health issues, low income jobs, single parenthood, and other significant limitations.

You can HELP!

During 2020-21 school year we are feeding 750 kids throughout Waterloo region. Kids living with chronic hunger. We are not an emergency food organization. Our families struggle with not being able to access physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization on an ongoing basis. It is our objective to provide children with a very basic need - food, in the hopes that the increased support and the demonstrated caring of the community will give hope to the children and the families we serve. We have been told by our families that it buoys then up and helps them 

Because of COVID-19 and the ever increasing price for food, it now costs over $1150 per child to give them nourishment for 40 weekends during school and the 84 days of school breaks.

Please DONATE to FEED the HOPE of CHILDREN in our community!

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