Registered Name: FuseSocial Wood Buffalo Society

Business Number: 867121394RR0001

About FuseSocial

Our vision is a thriving Wood Buffalo with remarkable social profits.

Social Profits strengthen communities.  We help strengthen Social Profits.

FuseSocial is an agency which works to support and engage the groups, agencies and organizations who support our community.

We help strengthen social profits through education, development, innovation and collaboration opportunities that are accessible and relevant

Our Values


We believe…in growing relationships with all social profits built on trust, respect and the achievement of mutual benefits on behalf of Wood Buffalo residents and the broader community.

Innovation and Excellence

We believe…in constantly pursing and promoting a culture of excellence in all that we do.


We believe…in the need for active collaboration and partnership initiatives that leverage resources and deliver enhanced benefits for all the people and the communities served.

Capacity Building

We believe… In the importance of continually building the capacity of the social profit sector to meet the evolving needs of residents and the community.

Commitments with Results

We believe…in making commitments that lead to the achievement of positive results.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe…in building on the strengths and diversity of our community, and ensuring all are included and treated equally.

Communications and Transparency

We believe…in open and transparent communications with our partners, stakeholders and the community.

Accountability and Stewardship

We believe…in being accountable for the decisions we make, being effective stewards of the resources provided to us, and acting with integrity in all that we do.

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