Théâtre du Gros Mécano


Business Number: 119017325RR0001

Le Théâtre du Gros Mécano, founded in Québec City, Canada in 1976, is dedicated to creating and producing young audience theater. Our plays have toured in Québec, Ontario, France, Belgium, United-States and Japan over the years.

In 2016, the company will celebrate 40 years of existence and a will have created round number of 50 original plays, hiring over 800 professional artists. Over 800 000 people, kids and adults from everywhere around the world, will have seen our shows throughout the years.

The Théâtre du Gros Mécano’s artistic path combines the artists’ projects and dreams with child development. This theatre for young audiences is both accessible and touching, and moves adults and children alike from laughter to tears, always inspiring imagination and discussion. We want children to feel loved, understood, and supported through our productions and school activities. Preparation and follow-up are as important to us as the show itself.

Keeping children and our art in mind, we are constantly looking to balance two opposing forces. On the one hand, we find the stable, clear and deeply thought-out personal approach proposed by one or many of our long-standing associate artists. On the other is our desire to look for new artistic ideas, discover new sensibilities, and experience new adventures through the input of fresh ideas.

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