Honouring Indigenous Peoples (HIP)

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Fundraise for your birthday, hold a virtual bike-a-thon, or honour family members and friends – the possibilities are endless. By going above and beyond, and fundraising for HIP, you’re helping our team extend our reach. A small $10 donation enables immediate action that directly impacts lives. 

COVID-19 RELIEF: Donations alleviate hunger, provides personal protective supplies & supports education.

YOUTH-to-YOUTH: Donations empower Indigenous & non-Indigenous youth to create lasting change.

COMMUNITIES: Donations support Indigenous & non-Indigenous people working together in collaboration for community well-being.

Take a few minutes to create your own fundraising team or join as an individual participants. The  built-in tools will help you promote and to track your progress. Share your page with everyone you know. Before you know it, you will have increased awareness and funds for HIP!