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Orfe Eco Art Program for Children

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2019

Today, we are facing a terrible crisis with our environment due to the lack of values in our society.  I am Orfelina Millan, an environmental artist, and creator of an eco-friendly community art program for children, Orfe Eco Art Program. I believe that teaching children the practice of (core Orfe) values and about climate change, they will be able to educate their own families in the best practices of the 3RS, Reduce, reuse and recycle to improve the health of the Planet.

Orfe Eco-Art Program is an experimental ecological art program specially designed to stimulate creativity and environmental responsibility in children. Children need to know the impact of waste production, so, Orfe program points with its actions to instill in children the respect for the environment. The best way to protect our planet is to avoid contamination. That is why this program strives to involve children to put the 3 Rs into action. I believe that children, youth, and their families, who are physically engaged with environmental concepts, will consciously act and live with strong awareness from now on and will transfer such lifestyle and knowledge to future generations.

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