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Orfe EcoArt Program for children


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Help us make a difference. Children hold the key to climate change!

I am Orfelina Millan, an environmental artist and creator of an eco-friendly community art program for children, the Orfe EcoArt Program.

Orfe Eco-Art Program is an ecological art program specially designed to stimulate creativity and environmental responsibility in children and I would like to be able to bring this program to as many children as possible. Your donation will contribute to building a solid platform to introduce this innovative and impactful program to more schools.

Allow me to share a story:

Six years ago, I taught a group of students from 3rd  grade at Blessed Trinity School.  As usual, I was very enthusiastic about sharing with them my passion for taking care of the environment through eco-art workshops. These 20 little students were truly connected with the project, and brought in the material (toilet paper tubes and old magazines) for our class. After following my direction along with their creative ideas, each one of the students created a wonderful and unique owl.

Four years later, a mom of one of the students in that class, shared with me something special about her family: her daughter was deeply touched by my eco-art class, and since then, the whole family had changed their habits. Carolina, my little student, now in grade 7,  had become more concerned about the environment. She was determined to change habits of consumerism that she had learned from her own family and the society and that had a negative impact in the planet. Carolina’s mom told me that she introduced to her school the owl workshop as her environmental project, including the ideas she learned and others she came up with. She showed her classmates how to positively impact the environment to avoid climate change with simple actions, on a daily basis. My mission of that workshop six years ago was accomplished beyond expectations:  the awareness I intended to share was being transferred and actually amplified and improved with the fresh ideas of one of my students.

Nowadays we are facing an unprecedented environmental crisis due to lack of awareness about how our actions negatively impact our planet.  I strongly believe and have seen first-hand, the impact of teaching children core environmental values. By making them aware of how they can care for the environment, and educate their own friends and families on how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3Rs) I know we can make a powerful contribution to the health of our planet.

Through eco-art and the practice of values that respect the environment, Orfe EcoArt Program prepares the leaders of tomorrow. Your contribution will help us make an even greater difference!

Thank you for your support.