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Sponsor a Child for Summer Camp

Registered Name: Parents Engaged in Education

Business No: 798564696RR0001

Sponsor a Child for Summer Camp

The Education Bank is a charitable organization in Scarborough that supports low-income families with free school supplies, resources, and programs. We currently support 1600 diverse and underserved youth by providing equitable access to education, which supports each child to achieve their potential.

Your generous support can sponsor a child, granting them the invaluable chance to enjoy an enriching summer camp experience! At our camp programs, students not only enhance their Math and Literacy skills but also dive into stimulating programs like STEM, Music, Art, Sports, and Robotics. These programs operate from July 3rd to August 30th, right up until students return to school in the fall.

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Together, let's foster educational equity and brighter futures for all!