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Tangled Art + Disability

Registered Name: Tangled Art + Disability

Business Number: 844393520RR0001


Campaign Ended Nov. 25, 2018

Help Tangled Art + Disability develop a new live performance that challenges the stigma of mental illness.

MAD ONES is a new play by Laura Burke, presented as part of Tangled's Flourishing exhibition series, in which Deaf, Mad, and Disability-identified artists respond to the question "what does it mean to flourish?"

Starring: Stefne Mercedes, Michael Gaty, Leah Pritchard, Jake Wilkinson

Directed by: Harrison Thomas

MAD ONES will be presented to the public FIVE NIGHTS ONLY in Suite B30 of 401 Richmond. Performances: November 20 - 24, 2018 

About the Play

MAD ONES is set in the famous Bedlam Asylum in London in 1825. It is the story of Guen, a mad woman, and her lover Tsura, who meet on a ship of fools – a place representing the dangerous yet inspired, liminal space of Guen’s mind. The setting of the ship is built around the love between Tsura and Guen. It is juxtaposed with the harsh realities of Bedlam, and Guen’s relationship with Dr. Jack Williams, a well-meaning physician whose privilege and training are at odds with his high ideals for the treatment of asylum inmates. Dr. Williams sets in motion a plan to display Guen’s “recovery” from madness before the hospital review board as a case study which will impact her fate, and that of everyone involved. In her work with Dr. Williams, Guen must ultimately choose between the psychological freedom to define her own reality and the practical freedoms of emancipation from Bedlam.

The Playwright

Laura Burke is a mad-identified writer, actor, and performance poet based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She debuted her first play entitled Voices in San Francisco in 2011. Since then, she has written Heartwood, a confessional one-woman show about her journey as a psychiatric survivor and her path toward giving back to others who suffer in similar ways. Heartwood has toured across Canada, including the Mayworks Festival and as part of Neptune Theatre’s open spaces program with Doppler Effect Theatre. An excerpt from her play Iris has been presented at the Soloicious Festival and The Women in Theatre Festival in Halifax. Laura likes to make work about vulnerable, often misunderstood characters who fight through their marginalization to reclaim their otherness as their birthright. When she is not writing or working on stage, she works as a psychotherapist. She also likes to spend time in the north end of Halifax with her 12 urban chickens.

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$100+: all the above PLUS a special invitation to mingle with cast & crew before/after a performance

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