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VIDEA is committed to ending global poverty and creating a more just and equitable world.

We live in a world where extreme poverty and a lack of access to education, health care, a clean environment, gender equality, human rights and economic opportunities are a reality for many. 

We believe that a key part of addressing these challenges is to work with youth and community in Canada, to build lasting relationships with overseas partners and communities, and to advocate for global responsibility. Our approach involves innovative education in schools, engaging the public, overseas exchanges, and community-based international development projects.

Carrying forth a legacy of strong programming over 41 years, VIDEA takes pride in our vibrant Indigenous Knowledge, Youth and Schools, International, Research, and Public Engagement Programs. Our work is carried out across BC, Alberta, the Yukon and Eastern and Southern Africa by over 100 volunteers who in the last year gave over 2,000 volunteer hours to activities that engaged over 36,000 Canadians and benefited more than 27,000 vulnerable women and men, girls and boys in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our mission:

VIDEA works to engage youth and communities in critical development issues, build links with overseas partners, and provide solidarity and support to assist overseas communities.

Our activities are focused on the following program areas:

  • Public engagement. We work across BC helping stakeholders and community members to better understand global issues and to develop strategies to become engaged global citizens.
  • International program. Key themes of VIDEA's international program are women’s empowerment, health, economic development, education and training. We are working to build partnerships with both overseas partners who are doing innovative work and Canadian partners who share our aims.
  • Youth and schools. VIDEA helps bring development issues such as global poverty, HIV-AIDS and human rights into the classroom by developing resources and workshops, and youth also play an important role in our work through internships and activities such as international exchanges.
  • Fair trade. VIDEA supports fair trade by hosting an annual fair trade market and by linking overseas producers with fair trade vendors and markets in Canada.

Our Values

  • We believe that a human rights framework should be central to development.
  • We believe that men and women must be equal partners in development.
  • We believe that our overseas partners are our equal partners in development.
  • We believe that youth are critical agents of change.
  • We believe in the value of diversity and rights for all.
  • We believe that the pursuance of peace, and environmental stewardship are central constructs of development.
  • We believe in every person’s equal right to: food, clean water, shelter, healthcare, a sustainable livelihood and education.
  • We believe that global trade should be fair and sustainable.

What People Are Saying

" The work ethic and approaches of the staff and volunteers. VIDEA is a small organization with a lot of integrity. "

— volunteer upon being asked what makes them proud of VIDEA

"VIDEA shines in terms of capacity building for youth empowerment and career building but also in terms of building a supportive social network in the community. I think it’s empowering just to bring people together over common issues in the forum that VIDEA does."

— volunteer

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