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Rapid Response to COVID-19

Emergency Response Fund: Rapid Response to COVID-19, and future public health emergencies

We are calling on British Columbians to help us save lives and prevent the spread of the virus in BC.

Donate to our Emergency Response Fund to support public health experts at the BC Centre for Disease Control to help more people, faster. We urgently need your help in order to protect our population today.

Dr Réka Gustafson, Vice President, Public Health and Wellness, PHSA & Deputy Provincial Health Officer (who oversees the BC Centre for Disease Control) identified real-time research as the priority where our public health professionals need your support urgently

Your donations will help fund critically important, rapid-response research that will help keep us safe. This research will allow experts to assess BC’s COVID-19 pandemic response at a population level by specifically investigating the efficacy and acceptability of current public health measures and directives, assessing the true extent of infections, immunity, and the susceptibility of BC’s population to COVID-19, and importantly planning for future waves and outbreaks to ensure the best systems are in place in advance.

Having infectious disease and outbreak experts dedicated to observing, describing, and analyzing what’s happening as it happens is critical to understanding a shifting landscape and to learning from it. We need to learn now, as this unfolds, so we can both react and respond quickly, and be prepared for future emergencies.

Donations to the Emergency Response Fund will help understanding and preventing the spread of COVID-19 now, and be available for future outbreaks or emergencies.

Help us meet the rapidly-evolving needs in this global health emergency today. Your donation to the Emergency Response Fund will assist experts at the BC Centre for Disease Control and elsewhere take action today that will keep us all safe in a time of crisis.


You've helped us reach our first goal of $325,000! There is still more work to be done, so we've increased our goal to $500,000 to support the BCCDC. For a full update about the fund and the research, click here

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