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Victim Impact: The Fraudcast

Campaign Ended June 17, 2018

In the largest Ponzi scheme in B.C. history, former notary public Rashida Samji and financial planner Arvin Patel drew family, friends and their communities into a vast web of deceit between 2003 and 2012.

Theatre Conspiracy’s new documentary show Victim Impact investigates mysterious aspects of the case, following it through the courts and down the money trail. The show looks at the fallout for those affected as they got sucked into the vortex of civil and criminal trials. Over two hundred people were ripped off in the fraud scheme involving over $110 million.

Victim Impact premieres at The Cultch, Vancouver June 8-17, 2018.

The show will continue to evolve through feedback to the podcast series Victim Impact: The Fraudcast, which is available at conspiracy.caiTunesSoundCloud and Stitcher.

You can help us create each episode. By making a charitable donation to Theatre Conspiracy, you’ll ensure that we can produce each and every episode and continue our deep investigation in uncovering this scheme.

Victim Impact expands on Theatre Conspiracy's recent work in documentary theatre. Writer/narrator Tim Carlson with co-producers Kathleen Flaherty and David Mesiha, who were key collaborators on Conspiracy's hit play Foreign Radical, aim for a detailed examination of this fascinating case and what it tells us about human capacity for victimization and criminality.

From fraud schemes in the real estate industry, money laundering at local casinos, and a major new Ponzi scheme coming to light every six months, we have to ask if there are solutions to the problems that seem to plague in B.C.

Please help us dig deep and ask hard questions in the forthcoming episodes of Victim Impact: The Fraudcast. Make your gift today to support local investigative journalism and artistic creation.

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