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ACCESO International


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Post-Secondary Education Bursary $1000

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Post-secondary education bursaries cover the costs of tuition, books and supplies, transportation, accommodation and nutrition for economically marginalized students in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras and Peru. 

Your support of these bursaries will provide access to education at university or technical institutes for young people who encounter barriers in their countries due to gender and racial discrimination, as well as geographic dislocation. 

In the past, ACCESO International's post-secondary education bursaries have helped students become doctors, engineers, teachers, school principals, nurses, communications consultants, among others.  These students have paid their opportunity forward because they have given back to their communities by sharing their education and expertise in the service of others in need.  Thus, the multiplying effects of these bursaries are widespread, life-changing and enduring.

$1000 / Bursary per Year

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