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Preventing chronic malnutrition

Like most 11-month-olds, Faith is reaching all the usual milestones: she's infinitely curious about the world around her, taking everything in with her big, warm eyes. Her favourite foods are mashed potato and pureed bananas. She loves it when her siblings play with her, and she has already taken her first steps.

Sounds pretty normal so far, right? So why is she so special?

Faith is the first child in her family to never have experienced malnutrition.

That's right — thanks to training made possible by people just like you, Faith's mom, Lilian, learned about the importance of breastfeeding and now her daughter is healthy and growing up strong — free from hunger.Faith is special because she is the first in her family to be free from malnutrition — she is the exception. You can help us make this story a reality for every child.

Thanks to our child and maternal health project, there is now a generation of children who have never known malnutrition. Work Canadians like you made possible.

You might be wondering, "what's the secret?" Pretty simple, really: breastfeeding and infant nutrition training. In the case of Faith, many mothers in West Pokot don't breastfeed and give their babies sugar water instead. Without secure access to clean water, this can make them sick.

After struggling with malnutrition with her first four children, Faith's mom, Lilian, participated in our program. Lilian immediately put her new knowledge into practice — she breastfed her fifth child, Faith, and didn't give her sugar water. Today, Faith is a healthy one-year-old.

Now, Lilian helps other mothers learn about the benefits of breastfeeding — so no baby in her village has to suffer.

Lilian and her five children. Lilian has learned how to beat the cycle of malnutrition thanks to your support.Lilian told me that she will teach her children what she has learned through our program so the cycle of malnutrition is broken once and for all. Empowering mothers, as always, is the key to success.

You might even say we're training mothers to put us out of business. And nothing would make us happier.

Can you can help us reach more moms like Lilian and support our programming to prevent chronic malnutrition?