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Salon de la Nature 2020

Campaign Ended May 1, 2020

For four years now, the organization has been carrying out environmental education and awareness activities for the population. In 2015, we presented our first Salon de la Nature: 35 nature kiosks, 15 conferences, 2 quizzes and 2 stories. We would like to have the capacity to organize another Salon de la Nature in 2020. This event will bring together various resources that promote the protection, conservation and enhancement of the nature of Estrie. There are four main components that are presented: (1) Education/Awareness; (2) Operation/Use; (3) Protection/Conservation and (4) Recreation/hobbies.

Action Saint-François thus participates in raising citizens' awareness to ensure the protection of the environment. At the Salon de la Nature, participants will be able to discover the organizations in the Estrie that are struggling to protect nature.

Donations will allow us to:

  • To pay two employees to take care of the organization and the realization of the website of the Salon de la Nature;
  • Pay lecturers;
  • Rental of the room for the event;
  • Rental and purchase of equipment (kiosk, headphones, wires, amplifiers, loudspeakers, projectors, truck, panels, cash boxes for the reception desk, office supplies, PowerPoint projection fabrics, badge holder, decoration, coroplasts, etc.);
  • Permit of the City of Sherbrooke;
  • Advertising (television, radio, newspapers, social media, etc);
  • Printing (tickets, leaflets and posters);
  • Food for volunteers.


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