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Action Volunteers for Animals


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2019 Winter Fundraising Campaign

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

AVA had the privilege of helping many cats this year, with over 1600 cats adopted by mid-November 2019 and hundreds more TNRed.

One of our special cats is a little kitten named Pixie who will be available for adoption at the end of November.

We rescued Pixie, sister Fay, and momma Laila from Northern Ontario and they were put into foster care with one of our newer but exceptional foster homes. The foster mom immediately noticed that Pixie was much smaller than her sister and all 3 seemed quite ill. They were taken to the vet and given some medicine.

But poor Pixie kept getting worse. She was losing weight by the hour and her foster mom rushed her back to the vet first thing the next morning. The vet provided exceptional care for her during the day and then and another volunteer stepped in to spoon-feed her every 3 hours for the next 24.

Once back in the care of her foster mom and receiving top-notch care, Pixie more than doubled her weight and she and her family are now thriving and were healthy enough to get spayed last week. They will be available for adoption any day now.

Helping cats like Pixie is very expensive, and tests, medication, and urgent care for her cost over $1,000. Donations like yours will help us care for sick and injured cats like Pixie and the many cats like her we help.

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