Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation

Registered Name: Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation

Business Number: 827137589RR0001

Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation was created with an unbreakable commitment towards supporting and advancing ALS adult stem cell research that leads to accelerated approval for human treatment to Canadian ALS patients.

Our Vision is to have a Canadian-first clinical trial in ALS patients beginning in 2017.

Our Goal

Fund the development of a unique cellular replacement treatment that restores health and motor function for Canadian patients with ALS, in order to prevent progression of disease and potentially offer a cure.

Our Mission

Exponentially advance & accelerate the leading ALS adult stem cell research in Canada.Accelerate the approval of an autologous ALS adult stem cell clinical trial in ALS patients beginning in 2017. 

Our Vision 

Translate the leading ALS adult stem cell study into a Canadian first autologous adult stem cell clinical trial in ALS patients, beginning in Toronto Canada, starting in 2017, evaluating the efficacy and safety of these proposed therapy.  If successful, to then hasten its introduction into clinical practice in order to improve care and health outcomes for ALS patients.

Our Responsibility

Adaptive Canuck families understands that we are an interdependent group, we drive forward united; driven to fulfill our vision.  Our group takes full responsibility to maximize any opportunities to accelerate the leading science and the fulfillment of our vision.?

Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity under the Income Tax Act. Registration No. 82713 7589 RR0001.

As a national charity, Adaptive Canuck ALS Foundation represents a large steadfast assembly of patients and families living with ALS in Canada, effectively taking action.  Daily actions in effort to enlighten our donors understanding of the reality and the urgency of our debilitating situations.   100% of the contributions we receive fund and accelerate the leading ALS adult stem cell science in Canada.  

Since 2015, our foundation has catalyzed and contributed directly to fund an elite team of Doctors, scientists, experts in stem cell biology and transplantation, world leading biophysicists with expertise in minimally invasive cellular delivery to the nervous system, globally recognized investigators of ALS and related neurodegenerative diseases at Sunnybrook Hospital and the University of Toronto, who have developed a potential life-saving adult stem cell treatment for ALS.

What People Are Saying

"For someone living with ALS, Time matters most!"

— J.P., Read More

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