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Adsum for Women & Children


Business Number: 132257031RR0001

Helping Mothers in honour of Mother's Day

Campaign Ended June 30, 2018

We know there are lots of apartments in Halifax.  We see them going up all around us.  But they are not accessible for single mothers on income assistance or in low paying jobs. Income assistance allows $570 - $620, to pay for housing every month.  We all know you cannot rent an apartment in Halifax that is safe and secure, for that price.

That is the gap that we want to bridge and already do it in the five family units that we own.  We heavily subsidize the rent in order to keep costs down for the families.  We want families to have a home that is safe place, and Mom can pay rent every month and not have to dip into her family's grocery budget ... we want her to be able to pay rent AND pay for medicine for a sick child ... have housing AND heat … and remain connected to Adsum staff for ongoing support when there are challenges, as well as successes. 

Our new "Diverting Families from Shelter to Homes" began in September 2017 to house families quickly, with short or no stays in an emergency shelter. These are families who can no longer make ends meet without support and are often separated if they go to shelters. Adsum works with families to find safe, secure and affordable housing and provides social workers to support the family and help with various costs and supplementing monthly rent for a period where needed. We have placed 14 families including 26 children in the first 7 months and working with more each month.

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