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#StayHealthyFor Campaign

Registered Name: Premier Jour After Breast Cancer

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#StayHealthyFor Campaign

#StayHealthyFor Campaign

We #StayHealthyFor the opportunity to see you soon. Who are you staying healthy for?

At after BREAST CANCER, we are continuing to help even if we cannot physically do it in person at present. We are still filling and shipping orders weekly for our Care KIT! to breast cancer graduates or patient in treatment. Our work is too important to be stopped even now!!!!

We believe that, at a time filled with worry and health-care fears, coming together virtually can help ease people’s anxiety.  Particularly for cancer patients in active care.  Together—patients, survivors and the community at large, indeed anyone and everyone—we can spread hope and illustrate that no one person is going through cancer or COVID-19 alone.  During these difficult times, this is more important than ever.  after BREAST CANCER, following its mission, wants to continue to help cancer patients and graduates even if we cannot physically do so. We also want to engage everyone to join our effort for physical, emotional and mental well-being.  We want to share with each other thoughts of hope and love on the grandest scale—across platforms, across physical borders, across the world.  Together, yet apart, we will get through this.  Through our stories, our generosity of spirit and our love, we will emerge from these times a stronger community. 

So please join us in this initiative, supported by Pusateri's fine food to encourage everyone to stay healthy.  Tell us, tell the world, for whom you#StayHealthyFor—even if it is only for yourself.  Looking after ourselves is the beginning of looking after others, for staying healthy for others.  One person, an entire world!

 Everyone is invited to spread the word - here's how.

①Grab your favourite picture, or take a selfie or record a video message using #StayHealthyFor and tell everyone why or who you will stay healthy for. 

②Post your image or video message on all of your social media platforms

③Tag @afterbreastcancer

④Tag as many people as possible to challenge them in the #StayHealthyFor movement

⑤Please add #StayHealthyFor in all of your upcoming post

Please do not forget the importance of staying home, to help the women and men undergoing breast cancer treatment—in fact, all those who are immuno-compromised. Help us get this #stayhealthyfor message out. Help us spread messages of hope.  Together, isolating at home but one in voice, we can help beat this horrible virus.

Thank you for your support... Stay Health, Stay Safe!