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Emergency Funds Needed for Vulnerable Populations Forgotten During Pandemic

Imagine, you got sick today with COVID-19...what would happen?

Your doctor would advise you to stay home for two weeks. You would stay in bed and practice self isolation. You could order your essential groceries and needs to your house. Perhaps you would have someone who could care for you.

If our clients got COVID-19, it would be a completely different story. Many don't have a permanent home, staying in shelters or couch surfing. Many struggle to have food security, relying on food banks and soup kitchens. Many, because of their HIV status, trauma, or substance use, refuse to get medical attention in case police are involved and because of stigma.

If our clients got COVID-19, they would be in huge trouble.

With many essential services such as shelters, treatment services, and food services closed or reduced due to COVID-19, these vulnerable people are hungry, cold, relapsing and in need of help.

Unfortunately, there are so many people needing help, our resources are limited. 

Because of COVID-19, our fundraising and outreach programs have been severally impacted. We are focused on continuing our mission to stop the spread of infectious viruses like HIV and HCV, through harm reduction programming, however, we are noticing an increase in people who are not accessing our services who still require help.

We need your help! With your donations, we can ensure that we can continue to help those forgotten by society.

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