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Cumulative effects of everyday water decisions

Nearly every decision you make - including how many cups of coffee you have or whether you prefer showers over baths – has local and global water impacts.  When everyone’s decisions are taken into account, the cumulative impacts result in significant impacts for local and global watersheds.

Understanding these impacts begins with an understanding of our individual choices.  To foster this understanding, Alberta WaterPortal has built an online model that quantifies the water quality and quantity impacts of our daily water decisions. To date, this model includes a multiple-choice quiz – but we need your help to make this model even more interactive and more informative!

Our goal is to improve the model so that:

  • Users can respond to questions using a range of inputs
  • Users can see their “water score” in real time
  • More data can be included in the calculation of an individual’s water score
  • Impacts are delineated according to
    • local and global contexts
    • Water quality and quantity
    • Blue (source) water, green (storm) water, and grey (waste) water
  • Users receive a “cumulative impacts” accounting of their individual decisions

By helping us achieve our goal, you are contributing to a key tool that will promote widespread understanding of how daily decisions impact one of our most valuable resources: water!

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Funds received in excess of the project budget will be allocated to other important projects the WaterPortal is doing.