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High Holydays Fundraising Appeal

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2019


ALEPH Canada's vision is to be a Canadian hub and gateway for innovative, creative, and integral Jewish Renewal teachings, perspectives, projects, and people.

This vision began over a decade ago, when Rabbis Daniel and Hanna Tiferet Siegel relocated from the USA to British Columbia, bringing with them the Jewish Renewal projects for which Reb Daniel was responsible. These included Renewal's Research and Development program (now the Integral Halachah Institute), the Reb Zalman Legacy project, and the ALEPH ReSources Catalogue. ALEPH Canada was born to house and nurture these initiatives, and continued under his brilliant leadership for several years.

Now, Reb Daniel is stepping back from his current role as Rabbinic Director of ALEPH Canada to spend more time with his beloved garden and community on Hornby Island, BC. ALEPH Canada is thrilled to welcome Rabbi Schachar Orenstein of Montreal, who takes on the role as Director of the Integral Halachah Institute as well as Co-Executive Director of ALEPH Canada, with Rabbi Sherril Gilbert. Our new leadership team has established ambitious objectives for the New Year, including:

* Working on Rabbi Daniel Siegel's Reb Zalman Legacy Project, through continuing to translate and promote Reb Zalman’s materials that further the mission of Aleph Canada and the Integral Halacha Institute (IHI);

* Establishing a brick and mortar presence for Aleph Canada & the IHI;

* Establishing a Canadian affiliate/satellite Yeshiva for the Aleph Ordination Program.

To help us achieve these objectives, and since the High Holydays comprise a season of profound transitions, we thought it would be an opportune time to launch a fundraising campaign to both honour and acknowledge Reb Daniel's contributions to Jewish Renewal and the Jewish world, and to ensure that ALEPH Canada continues to live into his and our vision.

We are delighted to have arrived at this moment in time: The Integral Halachah Institute continues to research and publish relevant and important publications. The IHI has already conveyed ordination on three dayanim (judges), and is currently training a new cohort. The ReSources Catalogue on the ALEPH Canada website is the headquarters for many precious resources that are not available anywhere else, including integral teachings of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, of blessed memory. The Miriam Fisher Scholarship Fund provides an annual scholarship to Canadian ordination students studying in the ALEPH Ordination Program. The Sacred Foods project offers resources to individuals and congregations wishing to explore eco-kashrut. And our website is continuously updated with links to communities and individuals "doing" Jewish Renewal in Canada. 

We are looking ahead and envisioning our next steps. And that is where you and your support come in. And this is why I am writing to you. While ALEPH Canada is a small national charity with modest expenses, we still have a big vision to live into. Rabbi Schachar Orenstein is ready to step in now, in this approaching sacred season. ALEPH Canada is ready and able to take the leap right now. ALEPH Canada needs money to support Rabbi Schachar, Rabbi Sherril, and our dedicated Board of Directors in their efforts to continue to bring forth ALEPH Canada and Jewish Renewal's vision in Canada. ALEPH Canada needs you. Now. Its goal for the remainder of 2019 is to raise $12,000 in donations. These funds will help meet ALEPH Canada's administrative needs through 2020.

All donations to ALEPH Canada will receive a tax receipt. Please make your donation today! You can also choose to be a monthly donor! Check out ALEPH Canada's Facebook page to keep up with progressive Jewish spiritual resources, teachings, and news in Canada. 

Wishing you all a very healthy and happy New Year!

Rabbi Sherril Gilbert

Executive Director, ALEPH Canada

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