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ALS Society of NB & NS


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Giving Tuesday- Moment Makers Giving Club

Campaign Ended Nov. 28, 2018

Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28th) is all about supporting your charity of choice (and generally doing really good stuff!!!): 

Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect !

Dear Friend:

Please consider joining ALS NB & NS Moment Makers Monthly Giving Club.

For a family living with ALS, every moment, minute and day counts. At this moment in time, we cannot change the outcome of an ALS Diagnosis.  But what we can change are the moments lived with ALS. The journey, the quality of life.

Precious moments.  Perfect moments.  We can all relate to them. A Dad wheeling his daughter down the aisle in his power wheelchair. A brother spending time with his siblings at the summer cottage in the hospital bed delivered by ALS NB & NS.  Gramma with the help of her breathing machine welcoming a new baby in the world.

Think about your family and the special moments you will enjoy in the coming months. Birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, graduations, every day special moments.  Please give the gift of time to a family living with ALS TODAY!  Join our Moment Makers Monthly Giving Club and ask others to do the same.

Our cost to provide care for one person living with ALS annually is $1,500.

  • Your gift of $125 a month will care for one family living with ALS; $4/day.
  • 5 people making a gift of $25 a month (invite family, friends, and co-workers to join you) will care for one family living with ALS (.82 cents/day).

No matter how you do the math, no gift is too big or too small. Whether you make a one time or a monthly gift of any size. It all adds up to many perfect moments made possible by caring individuals and organizations like you and yours!

Please take this moment and make it perfect.

You can cancel your gift at any time and we will appreciate your support.  One time gifts are also very much needed and just as appreciated.

Thank you.  And remember in your own life don't wait for the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect.


Sincerely,  Kimberly Carter, President/CEO ALS NB & NS

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